Moral Action On Climate


There is a thin line between the climate crisis and climate change. Since both look at the consequences of global warming in totality; the difference is the same.

Global Warming

Facts About Climate Change

Climate Will Immensely Affect Population And Migration Systems On A Large Scale. It Will Impact How And Where Food Is Grown, Including New And Existing Settlements.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Concentration In The Atmosphere Since 2018 Has Hit The Highest Figures In Over 3 Million Years.

The Negative Effects Of Climate Change Such As Rising Sea Levels And Temperatures Are Already Impacting Many People Worldwide.

Restoring Ecosystems as a Solution

The solutions to the natural problems the world is facing today are in nature. Countries are spending billions in a bid to preserve natural forests and wetlands. However, the road to restoring ecosystems is not smooth and is often marred by political challenges. 

A Formula for US Leadership at the Paris Climate Talks

Affirming our dedication to Life in all its forms; a commitment to its preservation and defense; the overwhelming scientific and empirical evidence of a planetary emergency; the growing peril for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Presidential Campaign for an Energy Revolution

The Energy Revolution will be economy-wide; we possess the technology but must now muster the political will. Promotion and support for carbon trading offsets and similar policies that do not effectively reduce emissions shall be suspended.  

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