“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”


-Barack Obama, Former US President

Presidential Campaign for an Energy Revolution

The President of the United States shall lead a program of education and action among the citizenry regarding the severity of the crisis and the need for a shift in mindset and consumption patterns.

A Formula for US Leadership at the Paris Climate Talks

Conscious of our role as a major emitter of harmful emissions, we shall now take bold steps to balance and redeem our historical actions by effecting ambitious cuts as required by science to avert irreversibly, catastrophic climate changes looming on the horizon.

Restoring Ecosystems as a Solution

The solutions to the natural problems the world is facing today are in nature. Countries are spending billions in a bid to preserve natural forests and wetlands. However, the road to restoring ecosystems is not smooth and is often marred by political challenges.

A Buddhist Reflection on the Pope’s Climate Encyclical, Laudato si’

The future of human life on earth hangs in a delicate balance, and the window for effective action is rapidly closing. Tipping points and feedback loops threaten us as ominously as nuclear warheads. What heightens the danger is our proclivity to apathy and denial. 

Healthy Soils Can Help Reverse GLOBAL WARMING

 Cutting emissions is important but even successful reductions will not reverse the high levels of carbon already in the atmosphere. Fortunately for the planet, we can reverse global warming by restoring drylands and desertified soils to health so they can capture and sequester large amounts of carbon.

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