To mitigate climate change by raising awareness of the dangers of climate disturbance while unifying leaders and individuals from all walks of life to bear the responsibility of lessening climate change.



To create a world with individuals functioning under a pristine climate while curbing the anthropogenic causes of climate change.

Our Moral Roles in Mitigating Climate Change Include;


First, we demand that our government officials admit to the dangers of the climate crisis and its adverse effects on the environment and the people who inhabit it through media and policy formulation. Also, we would like the government to support the zero-fossil fuel movement by aiding the use of renewable energy resources in citizens’ day-to-day activities.

In mitigating climate change, governments should ensure the active participation of developed countries that contribute to global warming.

Secondly, we create awareness in different communities on the increasing dangers of climate change against our world. We influence individuals to recognize and abandon practices that contribute to the climate crisis. Through our awareness programs, we garner individuals who are committed to advocating for policies that inhibit climate change, as well as serving as activists in their immediate surroundings.

What Role Should You Play in Mitigating Climate Change?



1. Forfeit Your Plastics

Plastic usage is hazardous to humans and biodiversity. Substituting plastic for glass, clay, stainless steel, or copper bottles goes a long way in mitigating climate change. Therefore, change your habit of using plastics and polythene.

2. Solar Power Usage

Solar and hydroelectric energy are useful as replacements of non-renewable resources. Make solar panels the power source of your house. Thus, saving megawatts of electricity. Start by installing solar panels for a small part of your residence.

3. Create Awareness

Be an agent of change in your environment. Use different platforms at your disposal to achieve this aim. Explain the dangers of inappropriate use of resources and environmental pollution to colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family.

4. Recycle

Recycling doesn’t only save money, but it’s also eco-friendly. Get all your component materials like plastics, glass, papers, and electronics to the nearest recycling center, so that, they get converted into new usable items.

5. Public Transport

The use of public transport as opposed to the private transport system prevents pollution and reduces traffic congestion. Consequently, this act decreases the use of fossil fuels.

6. Reduce Your Flying Frequency

As often as you fly, carbon emissions are released, inherently polluting the atmosphere. To burn lesser fossil fuel, endeavor to transport to places by train instead of flying.

7. Eat Right

Prepare just the amount of food you can consume to prevent wastage. Besides, avoid eating animal proteins like meats and their byproducts.

8. Avoid Deforestation

Cutting down trees reduces the quality of air. Deforestation and loss of plants like flora and fauna induce climate change. Therefore, we encourage you to plant more trees for the sake of the environment.

9. Control the Population

Overpopulation has a significant impact on the environment, as well as on food and water. If we are serious about curtailing overpopulation’s threat to the ecology and biodiversity of the planet, let’s use birth control methods like family planning and condoms.

10. Unplug Your Electronics

After fully charging your electronic devices, unplug them to save more energy. Remember to switch off home appliances before leaving home or the office.

11. Make Use of Electric Vehicles

Another means of curtailing pollution of the atmosphere is by using electric vehicles. Though it’s costly, it’s useful in reducing the usage of fossil fuel. Moreover, its compact size would reduce traffic congestion.

12. Form a Synergy with Us

Through your collaboration with us, you’ll use your voice to effect positive changes in government policies on climate change. For instance, through our organization, employ your government to drastically reduce or remove transport fare, as it’ll encourage the compliance of the public to using the public transport system. By your membership in our organization, you can also help create awareness in your community on the growing dangers of greenhouse gases emission.

By forming a synergy, we can achieve our vision before it’s too late.


All these measures are not beyond our human capacity. Securing the earth should be our utmost priority and responsibility. Therefore, no sacrifice should be too much for us to make.

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