Presidential Campaign for an Energy Revolution

The President of the United States shall lead a program of education and action among the citizenry regarding the severity of the crisis and the need for a shift in mindset and consumption patterns. The major emphases will include but not be limited to: conservation, elimination of wasteful energy use, across-the-board energy efficiency standards, ending subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, a revenue-neutral fee on carbon, phase-out of fossil fuel use and shift to renewables, changes in industrial agriculture system, reforestation, restructured energy production and distribution, social equality, lifestyle changes in accord with planetary health, and re-instill respect and reverence for the natural world that sustains us.

The Energy Revolution will be economy-wide; we possess the technology but must now muster the political will. Promotion and support for carbon trading offsets and similar policies that do not effectively reduce emissions shall be suspended. Given his unique position, the president shall mobilize public support for this program and exercise the full power of his office to prioritize the well-being of the nation’s people over and above private interests.